Sex & The city; what I've learned from dating in London

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Dating in London can seem almost impossible. With the constant lack of eye contact and refusal to remove headphones from your ears. Communication is something us Londoners haven’t really mastered, or we have and refuse to acknowledge the existence of everyone else.

You’d think in one of the most densely populated areas of the UK, meeting the love of your life would be easy. However, dating in this metropolitan city is a constant battle, everyman or woman for themselves.

Despite the forever single status, somehow you become even pickier and way more judgemental. In a city of 8.5 million, the line 1 in a million just doesn’t flatter anyone, “so you’re saying there is another 8 girls like me?”

Conflicting schedules, crazy hours and a tonne of overtime just to ensure you can pay that crippling rent means that the only way you can converse to the opposite sex (other than work) is dating apps. This is where it gets risky, suddenly you have 100 matches and you’re spending £3.99 a month on Tinder plus just to hope to god you can find the love of your life and half your rent. The handy thing is, you know the attractive guy sitting opposite you on the bus has tinder because you can see his swiping hand movements, which quickly leads to you taking your phone out in the hope you can him on your Tinder radar.

I was once told “If you have a good profile photo on Tinder, you’re sorted” (Thank the lord for snapchat filters), meaning not only have we become an anti-social, digital based dating city but we have some shallow tendencies in there too.

We’ve all been on a date where the pub is so crowded and loud you stand opposite each other and shout, getting to the point where you’re like “fuck it, I may as well get pissed”
 After that having the constant worry that you may bump into the guy you had that bad date with knowing he works “less than a kilometre away”

With the constant nagging of jealousy as you walk over millennium bridge and see that everyone is couple apart from you and the homeless man sat on your left hand side, but even he has his dog!

Pubs contain rowdy drunk gentleman that you can only seem to keep up with if you are drunk enough yourself, however if you are with your girlfriends working as a pack can come back with positive outcomes, and a lot of phrases like “Have you met my friend Sarah?”

Finding a man in London is hard, the good old fashioned way, doesn’t seem to be as good anymore, or we are too busy looking down at our phones to notice anyway. So the two main factors to help you find true love in this city we call home is; 1) How good is your Tinder photo? 2)How drunk are you? And 3) wingman each other till the bitter end.

Words By Mia Riley

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