Night Cap? What happens to your body when you go to bed drunk

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Despite the cold weather, we are in fact entering the summer months, with that comes longer days and for some people a longer time period for drinking activities. You can’t beat a hot summer day, a bottle of prosecco and a group of friends in Battersea park.

All day drinking however comes with a few hiccups (pun intended). Alcohol and going to bed drunk can have a massive impact on your body and sleeping pattern. Not only does it mean some awful and borderline shameful mistakes, that you will hope the mountain of tequila shots will help you forget, but it can also impact on heart rate and how much you sweat.

So before you agree to that night cap, maybe you should have a read of these first;

Firstly if you’re like me, you’re so drunk you are going to bed fully clothed, unable to even take your shoes off. This is just making you sweat, feel uncomfortable and get your sheets all dirty.

1)    As soon as your head hits the pillow, you’re out. The alcohol makes you fall into a sleep too quickly, what this essentially means is that it ruins your sleep cycle. By sleeping too fast it means you miss on the first stages of the sleeping cycle and therefore meaning there will be a negative impact later on in the cycle.

2)    You sweat a lot more and your heart rate increases. The alcohol makes your blood vessels expand and increases your heart rate meaning you sweat and overheat more. As if waking up smelling of alcohol wasn’t bad enough, you can smell of sweat too (which isn’t the most attractive thing).

3)    You move around and fidget. Due to messing up your cycle and skipping the first stages of sleep, you toss and turn a lot more. This is because the latter half of sleeping pattern is all messed up. As the alcohol wears off it’s easier for you to wake from your slumber.

4)    You snore (if you didn’t already). The alcohol helps to relax your throat muscles which leads to the heavy breathing growling of snoring.

Finally you wake up earlier than wanted because of your nervous system, which leads to you feeling knackered and even worse; hungover. As you try to piece together your night and replenish your water levels while checking snapchat to see what exactly happened last night you vow that you will never drink again, a vow you will break probably the following weekend.

 Words By Mia Riley
Photography By Olga Baranowska 

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